Manchester United frustrated again to beat Napoli round two.

Ihr seid ein Team, welches noch Spieler sucht? Oder du bist ein Spieler, der ein Team sucht bzw. einfach nur andere Mitspieler? Clanrekrutierung ebenfalls möglich. Hier werdet ihr fündig.

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Italy's Ricardo Delello, the Italian sports media, said Napoli had rejected a proposal from Manchester United to buy Caligula again. The "Red Devils" gave the club £ 91 million. First, Manchester United paid to 77 million pounds.
Napoli, the club of the Serie A Serie A, Italy rejected the offer that Manchester United have requested to buy Calypso Cubi, the second-best quarterback of the team. The other side would have to pay up to 91 million pounds (about 4,095 million), according to reports of Corrient Delo Sports Sports Media of macaroni.

Jose Mourinho, manager of Manchester United, was reportedly interested in many defenders throughout the past. After this season, the team lost too many goals, which is one of them. After making a remarkable performance with Napoli to help the team continue to work consistently.

In fact, previously Manchester United have already offered up to 77 million pounds (about 3,465 million), but was refused, yet they still did not give up. However, the team of coach Carlo Ancelotti has not accepted the offer anyway.สมัครผ่านเว็บ Gclub
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