The beginning of the slot

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The beginning of the slot

Slots, if talking about slots Must go back in 1887. allnewgclub The world's first slot machine was built by Charles Fay, a German engineer in San Francisco, California. The main purpose is to be a gambling player. The components of this slot machine will consist of three wheels. Or more, there are five symbols: horseshoe, phet, black, heart and bell. These wheels will rotate when the player drops the coin The beginning of the slot, then press the button or rocking the lever. Then, when the wheel stops, the score will be calculated from the symbol that appears. The first model, called Liberty Bell, allnewgclub is based on the symbol of the bell of freedom. That is a symbol of the United States' independence declaration In the beginning, the machine was installed in various entertainment venues, bowling alleys, restaurants and barbershop. Later in 1908

A businessman from Chicago, Herbert Mills, has developed a new model that uses a symbol of fruit that is eye-catching, easy to observe, such as cherries, lemon, plum and gum sticks. Which is popular until now And there are estimates that Earning about 70% of all casino revenue Comes from a player called slot Which the slot machine is automatic that is programmed randomly, which has a jackpot in it The little technique of playing slots allnewgclub is noticed by players who play from the first to the slot machine. It gives the gambler a reward. Observe the statistics of each cabinet that play how many times. Therefore will give out money But from the experience, the slot machines will give out money about 10-15 times per rotation.
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